FMUMP Research Recognized and Presented to Global Leaders at the World Bank

In May, 2016 the World Band Task Force on Integration and Diaspora hosted a set of round table discussions on facilitating global development in some of the areas where people had once fled.

Dr. Nibbs, representing FMUMP, was asked to present on our upward mobility research and understanding of how refugees have career-laddered over the past 30 years. She also advised world leaders and diaspora organizations on how to engage young people in the social/economic growth of their home/heritage countries, including some practical guidance for 2nd generation diaspora members that would help them as they navigate the process of workforce.

FMUMP’s Moving in the Fastlane research report was handed out to all participants and FMUMP was asked to serve on a World Bank Community of Practice to continue exploring these possibilities with world leaders.

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