Educational Resources

Creating Welcome for Refugees

Education is vital to FMUMP’s work, which is why we have teamed up with RoI and The Linking Community to create a set of video stories and educational tools that help Creating Welcome for Refugees.

Refugees have long been active agents in their own livelihoods. Many have powerful stories of how they made it in America that speak to family, civic engagement, neighborliness and the value of diversity, sacrifice and giving back. These contributors remind us of the value of human diversity and how refugees are an important thread in the American fabric.

In this section we provide a series of 2 minute videos featuring refugees in the United States explaining the unique strategies they have used to career-ladder into meaningful, living-wage work. Some have leveraged their pre-flight skills in unique ways, others have used ingenuity to fill marketplace needs. While each of these stories stands alone as a discussion starter, we have also included some links to discussion questions and group activities designed to aid your school, workplace, or organization dispel common myths about refugees and learn more about the issues that are important to them.

We invite you to join the discussion. Send us your stories, the strategies you’ve used to career-ladder, or pictures and highlights from your classes’ or group’s activity to

Vietnamese Radio and TV Station Owner
Iraqi HVAC Technician
Ukranian Stone Mason
Hmong Electronics Engineer
Cambodian Security Agency
Iraqi Architect
Cambodian Community Gardener
Ethiopian Dominos Franchisee
Burundian Nurse
To hire someone from FMUMP to present on these topics at your school or organization, contact Dr. Faith Nibbs at 817-563-7555, or email us at